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Most movie poster collectors want to display at least some of their posters.  Unfortunately, custom framing is cost-prohibitive because movie posters are fairly large.  (The standard US one sheet is 27x41).  The sections below explore four alternatives to custom framing: flip frames, pre-built frames in movie poster sizes, hangers, and lightboxes.  The final section covers storage.

No matter how beautiful a movie poster is, eventually you may get tired of it, so flip-frames are a good option.  Flip frames can be custom-built and allow collectors to quickly rotate their posters and are relatively affordable.  The best-known vendor of flip frames is Spotlight Displays.  Here are some pictures of movie posters in flip frames. offers excellent high-quality pre-built frames (ex. 27”x41”) for movie posters at reasonable prices.  Here are some examples of one sheet movie posters in their pre-built frames:

Large flap gold flip frames for US one sheets

Flip frame for Italian one panel posters (39”x55”)

Flip frame for French one panel posters (46”x63”)

Nothing shows off a movie poster - especially a double-sided poster - like a light box!

Flip frames for Japanese posters. 

Flip frames for US one sheets.


Many collectors end up with more posters than they can display.  Without proper storage, you can end up with serious poster chaos! (See pic at right.)

Most storage cabinets are too small for movie posters. A large flat file cabinet, as pictured below, is ideal. These are expensive new, so your best bet is to find a used one on Craigslist in your local area.  The one pictured below is 45” x 35”, has 10 drawers, and can hold several hundred posters.

Framing large posters can be prohibitively expensive. Hanging is an option.  Below are pictures of US bus shelters and large French and Italian posters hung with hangers from, which sells hangers up to 72” long.







You should never "force" a poster into a frame that is too small.  If you do, the poster will quickly develop permanent "compression waves" that can only be corrected by linen-backing. Most frames are EXACTLY 27x40 or 27x41 and many posters are slightly oversized, for example 41 1/4" vertical.

One solution is to order a slightly-oversized frame, for example 27.5 x 41.5. 

If you have a standard size frame, one trick is to slightly increase the gap between the edges.  This is somewhat unsightly but better than ruining expensive posters. Here are some example pics.  The "Flame of Araby" poster is 41+ inches and won't fit into a standard 27x41 frame, so I increased the gap between the edges.