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To celebrate the one year anniversary of Star Wars, in 1978 the studio issued a “Star Wars Happy Birthday One Sheet” poster to theaters still showing the movie a year after its opening.  Several of the theaters held birthday celebrations and served actual Star Wars birthday cakes!

According to, 400 were printed but only 250-280 were “usable.” Most of them were given in rolled condition (see above left) to Lucasfilm employees and relatively few folded copies (see above right) were actually distributed to theaters, which explains why most surviving posters are found in rolled condition.

On every original poster the “Star Wars Happy Birthday One Sheet” text in the lower left slightly slants upwards due to a last minute insert which “slipped” on the printing plate. (Source: Star Wars Poster Book, page 21).

Original Star Wars Birthday Cake posters are exactly 27x41 with white borders with following measurements:

Top: between 1 10/15” and 1 10/16” 

Bottom: 1 1/2”

Right: 1”

Left: 1”

Fun trivia:  The poster shows 11 out of 12 original Kenner action figures.  For unknown reasons, the Jawa action figure (shown below left and under the red arrow right) was omitted:

Apparently there are no high-quality bootlegs of this poster but, according to reports, the Thai fan club printed and sold a reprint to its members.  Below are pictures of a reprint I have, which may be the Thai poster. It is easily distinguishable from the original because it is 39.5” (V), on thick paper, has different border measurements, and the “Star Wars Happy Birthday One Sheet” text in the lower left is NOT slanted upwards:

Below is a picture of my original rolled poster (with diagonal crease in upper left):