In July 1978 Lucasfilm issued the fantastic “Style D” or “Circus Poster” Star Wars one sheet.  Two versions were printed, one with the standard NSS (National Screen Service) disclaimer paragraph (shown above left) and union logo and another version without the NSS information (shown above right).

However, in 1992 Killian Enterprises reprinted high-quality full size (27x41) posters using the original printing plate. These were sold through the Star Wars Fan Club.  Most of the Kilian posters have a serial number, so they are easily distinguishable.  However, some Killian reprints do NOT have the serial number.  The Killian reprints without the serial numbers can be confused with the 1978 printing that lacks the NSS information. The key difference is that on the reprint the letter D in the phrase One-Sheet Style D in the bottom right is NOT in quotes.

Below are pictures showing the key differences:

(1) 1978 NSS printing:  Easily distinguishable.  Has disclaimer paragraph, hash marks, union logo, etc.  Note that the phrase Style D in the center lacks any quotes.

(2) 1978 printing without NSS information:  Lacks all NSS information.  The letter “D” is in quotes:

(3) Killian 1992 printing:  Lacks all NSS information.  Most have serial numbers but some do not have serial numbers.  The letter D is NOT in quotes in both versions.

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