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Mean Sheets ( Daily commentary on movie posters. (NOW CLOSED but archived entries are still informative!)


Learn About Movie Posters ( The most comprehensive general reference movie poster site on the Internet.  Lots of great info and image archives. 

Movie Poster Authenticating ( Features many excellent and scholarly movie poster authentications.  However, the site has not been updated in three years and many of the images are small. Has many thousands of movie posters images, varying in size.  Does charge a small fee for downloading XL images.

Internet Movie Poster Awards: ( Very large free movie poster image library with annual listings of the year’s best movie posters in various categories). - Movie Posters: The most active movie poster blog. Daily updates on the latest and greatest art prints, including movie art prints. The most comprehensive resource for Star Wars posters on the Internet.

Poster Guide ( Excellent database of 80,000+ movie posters that can be sorted by NSS number, country, year, etc.  [Site abandoned March 2017 but still functioning, cannot currently register to view XL images.]

Adrian Curry’s Movie Poster of the Week: Great blog about the poster of the week!

MOVIE POSTER DATABASES/IMAGE SOURCES has thousands of high quality image of stills of vintage movie stars.


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Many “advanced collectors.” 95% of posts relate to original movie posters or movies.

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The Vintage Movie Posters Forum

Advanced collectors; many posts relate to Australian daybills or poster restoration.

Movie Poster Collectors (Vintage/Modern)

Most posts concern modern posters or “for sale” pitches.

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Vintage Movie Poster Collectors Club

Most posts concern UK movie posters.

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MoviePosterPorn (Reddit)

Not porn (haha)! Most posts relate to movie professional or fan art (few original MP threads). 99K members (June 2018)

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Many threads devoted to movie art prints.

Star Wars Poster Facebook Group

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Collectable (sp.) Movie Poster FB Page

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